''This Sunday we will be reopening for “in person” worship services with our 9am service. Because this is our first Sunday back, we will only be having a worship service. In the coming weeks we will be looking at reopening for Sunday School classes and the nursery. We will also be having an Ash Wednesday Service at 6:30pm on February 17th. We will not be imposing ashes the normal way but will set up stations for you to do it yourself. In all of our services we will follow strictly the protocols given by the CDC and the United Methodist Church.
We understand some of you have concerns surrounding our decision to reopen for in-person worship.  We receive these concerns with the utmost seriousness. We will continue to stream all of our services so that everyone can participate in the way he/she feels safe. Let us remember that God takes difficult challenges and uses them for our good. We have experienced this even during the pandemic. Now, more people are part of our worship services online than ever before. Through online worship we have connected with people we may never have been able to connect with before.  
I have heard from many people that they enjoy online worship. They feel they are experiencing God and are able to worship. Many enjoy how convenient and comfortable it is to watch from the comfort of their home. Yet many have struggled with getting the technology to work properly, to connect through a screen, or have had a hard time getting their kids to engage in the service. Online worship has its blessings and it also has its challenges.
We also know that many of you want to see how the reopen goes before coming back.  That is fine and we understand.  We want you to be confident that we are doing our part to make coming to church a safe experience.
We realize that much of the stress and tension surrounding this situation comes from the fact that we were created for community.  Naturally, when we are cut off from that, we don't do well.  Relational connection happens both online and in person, so I do not believe we have to choose between the two.  But one of the advantages of in-person worship is that you get to wave and say "hi," have a conversation in the foyer, and make eye contact with your brothers and sisters in Christ.  Over time these small connections will lead to deeper ones.
The reality is, this pandemic is not over.  We all still need to make wise choices about what's safest for ourselves and our families.  And the live stream is still a wonderful option.  But if you are returning to more and more of your in-person activities throughout the week, we encourage you to make church one of them.   Whether you worship with us online or in the church sanctuary, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday!  
God Bless,
Pastor Rob Holifield''  - 2.12.2021

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