We believe that things happen when we pray. When you feel there is nothing you can do, pray!  We encourage you to lift up the people below in prayer each day.

Current Prayer List
These in our Church Family:
Our prayers are with Joseph Neal Anderson, Patsy Goode, Kenny James, Ron Gault, Willie Glover and Betty Wilson & The Wilson Family in the death of Michael Wilson.
These in our extended Family: 
Our prayers are with David Duncan, Lindsey Davis, Wayne Wilson, Jamie Thomason Houghton, Steven Duncan, Hazel Evans, Christy Carmichael Cavin, Kim Waddell, Alison & Olivia Chambers, Jody Mincey, Family Resources Services (our food pantry), Lander DuVall, Lisa Butler,  Tanya Harris VanHouten, Ricky Simons, Bob Burns, Valerie Thompson, and Steven Lilly.
Submit a Prayer Request

If you have a prayer request please feel free to fill out the form below.  Each request submitted is confidential and goes directly to Pastor Rob.  If you would like your request to be shared with a prayer group or in the church bulletin, please specify otherwise the request will be kept private with the Pastor.

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